Everything about HER: Style with Robin

Hello lovelies, hope y’all are having an amazing week. Anything exciting planned this weekend?

So today’s blog post will be a little bit different. Every month, I’ll be featuring a blogger babe that inspires me. I’ll be asking them a few questions that might inspire you and help you with your own blog.

This month’s blogger babe is Robin of Style with Robin. I met her on one of the Facebook groups. She was one of the few people who helped me during my first few months of blogging. My blog won’t be where it is now, if it wasn’t for her help. So let’s get to know her more, shall we?

Everything about HER : STYLE WITH ROBIN

Tell me something about yourself   

I’m a creative director/designer and I spend all day, every day thinking about visuals in some form. I love fashion in every form, have a major hand bag addiction, and travel a lot for work. I have almost reached million mile status on American Airlines! I am hoping to take a real vacation this year, to a beautiful Caribbean spot, which will be my first in over five years!

What’s your blog’s name? // How did you come up with it?

STYLE WITH ROBIN // I think a lot of what I do, how I do it, and who I am revolves around style or aesthetics so it seemed to be a good fit.  I spent years as a fashion stylist while designing gowns, and personal style is something I believe each person should develop as an expression of their own authenticity. The big plus was all the social media @stylewithrobin was actually available!   

What is your blog about?

It’s a mishmash of beauty products, beauty technologies, fashion, fashion trend advice, my business and personal travel, and the occasional food post. I don’t really plan it out, I just post what’s current in my life at the moment. 

What inspired you to start your blog?

I had been working in a fashion editor capacity for several local publications and wanted to develop my own ‘voice’.  Still working on that!


Do you think your blog is successful? 

If success is having millions of women go to my blog and ask me how to style their lives on the level of a Rachel Zoe commercial enterprise, the answer would be no.  But if success is creating something beautiful that I enjoy and hopefully my readers enjoy, then YES.  Success, and I do know from the questions and comments I receive that some of my beauty and fashion dilemma’s are universal, and providing solutions to those issues is so satisfying.


What makes your blog stand out?

I think a unique feature of my blog is all the photos are shot by me, unless it is a photo of ME, then I have grabbed an innocent bystander.  I haven’t reached the point where I am hiring a professional photographer to do my work.  The photography part is fascinating to me, again, back to creating visuals being something I think about all day long. I am so excited to shoot more this coming year, as I just bought a new camera!


How does your blog relate to your daily life?

My blog is my daily life, but maybe the ‘highlight’ reel, as it doesn’t show my days in front of a computer in athletic gear or my messy bun hair or other messier parts of daily life. But hey, there is always a chance that will be my next post!

Lastly, what advice can you give to new bloggers?

The best advice that I can give is to hone your own aesthetic down to a TEE so that you are doing you 24/7. Otherwise, it is too hard to create something that isn’t your real life.

I hope you enjoyed this new series. Don’t forget to check out her Instagram and subscribe to her blog. Robin’s Instagram is literally feed goals. 🙂


All photos are owned by Style with Robin except featured image




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