5 Tips for Getting a Good Night Sleep

Tips for getting a good night's sleep

Have you ever had those sleepless nights where you literally did everything just to fall asleep? Like from counting sheep to saying the alphabet backwards (has any of you tried to say it backwards? I failed miserably!! hahah) until we realize that it’s 2 AM. For students like me, a good night sleep is next to impossible. Whether we have a lot in mind, or the stress from school/work is piling up, there’s always a reason behind those sleepless nights.
Here are five tips that I do personally to catch those precious Zzzs:

    1. Take a warm shower – I know, i know you probably have heard of this tip already. But really it works wonders, it does not only help you sleep faster but it gives you that refreshing feeling that eases some of those tension. (At least that’s what I feel) Don’t take it too close to the time you’re hitting the sack though, you have to let your body cool down a little bit.
    2. Drink chamomile tea – I am not a fan of tea in general, the only tea I drink are green tea and chamomile tea. While allowing your body to cool down from that nice, warm shower, prepare yourself a cup of tea. I recommend you to drink Chamomile Tea rather than green tea, as most green tea contains caffeine. There are lots of brands that sell chamomile tea, but I’ve heard great things about the Teavana Tranquil Dream Herbal Tea and the Chamomile Bloom Herbal TeaI have yet to try those two.
    3. Unplug – Technologies have been part of our day to day life and trying to pry ourselves from it is one of the struggles millenials face. (Let’s be real here!) I’m guilty to the fact that I’m so attached with my phone and laptop that it sits right beside me when I go to sleep. But I took the challenge to unplug myself when the clock strikes 10. I make sure that all my gadgets are off including the television, my phone is not only on DO NOT DISTURB MODE but I also turn on AIRPLANE MODE, (WIFI OFF, AND NO INCOMING TEXTS OR CALLS! Intense! I know!!) and that my laptop is kept as far away from me as possible. I noticed that this helped me clear my thoughts and makes it easier for me to go to sleep. (How many of you unplug everynight? If you haven’t tried, I challenge you to do it for one week, and I guarantee you a good night sleep)
    4. Meditate – I never knew meditation benefits not only our minds but our whole body as well. I didn’t start meditating till last year when one of the customer rep at the gym that I went to advised that I meditate before going to bed. Before I start meditating, I use this lotion from Bath and Body Works called Lavender Vanilla Body Lotion from their Aromatheraphy line. There’s something in the smell of it that is just calming and soothing which prepares my mind for meditation. For meditation, I use Stop, Breathe and Think (they have an app available for IOS and Android) which helps me a lot to destress myself before going to bed. 5 mins is all you need to forget all the stress and to feel more relaxed.
    5. Read a book – Do you have a book that you keep postponing to start? Well now, this is your chance to finally start it!! Reading a book before bed unwinds your brain which separates your stressful lifestyle.


After a long and stressful day, sometimes all we need is a little time to destress to be able to achieve that restful sleep. Do you have any sleeping rituals? Share it down below. 🙂

I hope that these tips will help you in some way. Thanks for reading!


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