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August 2016


    Travel Diary # 3: Joffre Lakes

    Travel Diary # 3: Joffre Lakes Provincial Park


    Last weekend, my friends and I decided to go hiking at Joffre Lakes. When I first visited this place, I only went to the first lake. But I was already mesmerized by its beauty.

    And it was only that weekend when I actually had the chance to go up to the middle lake. Although we didn’t get to hike up till the third lake, the view was already breathtaking at the middle lake. I mean words can’t truly describe how extraordinarily beautiful it was. From its stunning landscape, the ice-cold turquoise water, to glaciers peeking through is enough to blow your mind that such place exists. Read more


    How to Make the Most of Your Summer

    How to make the most of your summer

    It felt like summer months just flew by, and we are already heading towards the end of summer. It seems like I didn’t even do anything this summer, and I’m already counting the days till I go back to school. (which sucks, btw!)

    Shorter summer because of summer classes. Homeworks, reports, and exams piled up, which discouraged me to go out and enjoy summer. So now that summer class had ended, I don’t want to waste another day during the last few weeks of summer.   Read more