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March 2016


    My Everyday Makeup Essentials

    Check out my Everyday Makeup Essentials
    Hey lovelies, I’ve seen blog posts and YouTube videos about their “Everyday Makeup Essentials” and I would like to share my own version with you guys. Most of the products in this post are on the pricier side. I have a really sensitive skin, and is prone to breakouts, the products mentioned below are the only ones that worked for me so far. The products I use may seem a lot for some of you, but that’s how I like it and the end result is a natural finish. So without further ado, let’s begin.

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    Office Space Wall Ideas

    Hello my lovely friends, I’ve been scrolling through my Pinterest for ideas for my office wall inspiration board. My office wall is dull right now and I want to add something that will add a bit more chic touch to it.

    Above is a picture of my office space at the moment. I just love that minimalist, black and white look with a touch of pink and gold

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